White Tea

White tea comes from the most remote and hidden regions of China. The ancient Chinese took full advantage of the benefits of white tea thousands of years ago, and most of them still enjoy it to this day, but it was only recently that the rest of the world discovered this well hidden tea. White tea has history, whereas its mystery, rarity, and benefits have been enjoyed by the wealthy, and were even rumored to be involved in the downfall of a great emperor.

What Exactly Is White Tea?

Many people have heard of the infamous green tea, but white tea? What exactly is it that makes white tea so special? White tea is the least processed type of tea on the planet. It is harvested from pure, silver colored buds, and select leaves that are both very rich in nutrients. Once the buds and leaves are handpicked, they are very carefully and meticulously steamed and dried.

Because of this very careful and delicate process, white tea retains more nutrients than black or green tea. This results in the absolute healthiest tea on the planet.

What Does It Look And Taste Like?

White tea is visually striking and appealing. Like any other exotic plant, you can tell it is rare just by looking at it. White tea gets its name from the fine silver colored hairs that grow around the un-matured buds that are produced by the tea plant. The highest quality and most purest form of white tea known to mankind is called “silver needle”, and consists of nothing but these pure buds, and this has been considered a remarkable and beautiful tea.

Once the tea is prepared correctly, it has a delicate, pure natural taste, that is lightly exotic and slightly sweet, seeming to stimulate the sense of taste just enough, without ever overwhelming or disappointing.

White tea has less caffeine that green tea or black tea, and much less than any form of coffee, which makes it an awesome choice for anyone trying to avoid large amounts of caffeine.

Exploring The History And Benefits Of White Tea

Follow us on a journey inside the legendary mystical lore of white tea, and then discover its long history, the methods of production, the endless health benefits, and the different varieties of white tea.

More and more people discover the benefits and joy of drinking white tea on a regular basis, and finally understand why this seemingly godly tea has been renowned throughout ancient history.


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