Stress Relieving Tea

Mint: Mint is well known for its aromatic flavor. If you add mints like peppermint and spearmint, your tea is not just well-flavored it’s relaxes your mind. It’s also an excellent combating agent for upset stomach.
Chamomile: Chamomile is well-known for its abilities to reduce nausea and indigestion. It also soothes nerves and makes you calm. People who are hyperactive by nature will find it quite beneficial as it stabilizes their moods. If you have insomnia, a cup of Chamomile tea is just right to bring on that sound sleep.
Ginseng: One of the most popular herbal tea ingredients is Ginseng. Why? Ginseng tea clears out mental exhaustion and stress immediately. Your find yourself to be more peaceful and clam, after a cup of Ginseng tea. If you have trouble sleeping, try Ginseng tea to bring back that restive sleep.
Skullcap: This ingredient is known for its abilities to relax tense muscles, reduce muscle spasms, calm nerves and reduce headaches. Women will find skullcap tea to be very relieving because it’s also know to bring down irritability associated with Premenstrual Syndrome.
Lavender: Everyone knows of those times, when you get those tension headaches because of work stress. This is the perfect opportunity to try some Lavender Tea. Lavender is known for it’s abilities to reduce nervous exhaustion, headaches caused by stress, and anxiety. It also perfect for reducing indigestion problems.
Lemon Verbana – An herbal tea with Lemon Verbena is just the dose you need to an upset stomach and nausea. If you have insomnia problem, you will find it to be just right for your curing this problem.
Catnip – This herbal ingredient is well-known for its properties to reduce excitement and palpitations. When stomach is unable to digest properly, it results in digestion-related headaches. At such times, a cup of catnip tea is just the thing you need for relief. It’s very good for quieting the mind.
Linden – This ingredient relaxes muscles and nerves. It’s very good for making the mind calm and reliving headcheese caused by stress. If you are suffering from frequent nervous tensions, include Linden in your daily tea can bring down such problems and keep you calm.
Passiflora incarnate – Drop this ingredient into your herbal teas and see problems like tensions and irritation, vanish just as they came. Passiflora incarnate is well-know for its ability to reduce headaches caused by anxiety and stress. It’s also useful for women with PMS & a menstrual problem as it brings down the irritation and pain experienced during such times.
Valerian – While this ingredient is not going to make your teas taste sweeter, it’s definitely right for bringing on a rejuvenated and sound sleep. If you have insomnia and have trouble sleeping due to stress, drop this into your tea for a restive sleep.


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